Wind blowing in my face

and I feel free.

Free to live my own life

without your judgement.

Free to dance in my underwear

until the sun comes up.

Free to love another

regardless of my scars.

It’s funny.

You don’t start growing slowly.

You get one or two moments

when you have to make a decision

that will change the course.

Like a fork in the road,

but both paths are covered

in a thick layer of fog called doubt.

Pick a path and run with it.

Because it’s funny how one decision

can change


It’s nice to be

inspired by other people.

To feel that connection

with another human,

that they made you create something

bigger than yourself.

It’s nice to be

wanted by other people.

Feeling the warmth wrap around you

like a weighted blanket

of love.

It’s nice to be

seen by other people.

Being noticed from a distance

and cared about when you are

screaming for help.


When I was in middle school
there was a girl who loved scary things.
She would always bring in ghost story books
and taunt me like an ant with a magnifying glass
because I didn’t like scary things.

That was uncool of me.

And now everytime I see the clock strike
I think of her,
and a chill runs down my back.
It gets cold.

Because in her ghost story
she said a couple of teens died in an accident,
and when they died
the clock flashed
and that was the way they communicate with the living.

summer camp

Floating around in the afternoon

and hearing the chirps of birds.

Feeling the summer breeze on my skin

makes me think of summer camp.

Sitting by the lake watching my cabinmates

laugh and joke.

It was a simpler time

Back then

we had no worries

and we knew that we would see each other again.