The Festival

I’m going to be

Loving you always.


Survival of The Fittest

Feeling the pressure to succeed

And wanting to amount to something positive

instead of having to be taken care of like a child.

I want to grow but I fear falling

Falling hard and fast and not being able to climb out in time

to survive.

Because the truth is

I’m not sure if I want to survive.

I have always had this gut feeling of dying young.

I think of the future but it has always been hypothetical

Like I won’t live to see it.

and that scares me more than I am willing to admit.


Dish Soap

Sometimes I think about you when I do the dishes.

I pour the half empty bottle of Dawn onto a sponge.

As I see the ocean blue liquid drip on to the sponge

I am reminded of how you said you loved doing the dishes.

It was our compromise

Because I hate doing the dishes.

If we ever moved in together you said you would always do them.

But you started to change

Change into someone I didn’t recognize.

Someone that I began to hate.

And now I am in an empty apartment without you.

And I am thankful.

Thankful that I grew into someone who doesn’t need your judgement.

I changed into someone I love.

Someone who has a dishwasher.