Welcome to Snob Cobb

I am from a place that smells like fish trees and pollen

With cheap hair spray and gas exhaust

With fake nails and fake tan that make you look like an oompa lumpa

With the expensive perfume from soccer moms worn to their meeting

With the PTA

Thinking that their opinion about school lunch really matters


Smelling the grease from Chick-Fil-A


The sweetness of the house wine of the south


The true meaning of

Bless your heart

And that spaghetti junction is not a restaurant


Knowing that right next to your neighborhood is a cemetery with a confederate flag

And no one understands why you don’t put up christmas lights

Why you only get along with one set of your neighbors because anti-semitism is still a thing

Being one of the only non-christian children in your neighborhood


Wishing for the snow so that school will gets canceled

Even if it is just a forth of an inch


Hearing the gaggles of girls at Perimeter mall in their uggs and shorts even though it is only

40 degrees


With the T-shirts that cover their sports shorts and the girls on their iphones


The place you call Snob Cobb

Where nobody walks and only drives

Where you hear the sound of a crying child gasping for air in a hot car


Wanting to be somewhere else

Anywhere else

Feeling the sweat drip from their brow and getting angry because this will be on the 11alive news


Knowing that even though all this bad stuff happens here,

You, are still from Snob Cobb

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